Create a take-home code project

Tutorial for creating a take-home code project, selecting a template, and reviewing results

Note: Take-Home Code Projects consists of enabling top candidates to code in their own environments so you can generate deeper insight, often as a final step in the interview process. Create your own real-world assignments that you can view, run, and analyze on the web via our integration with GitHub.


To begin, navigate to Code Assessments and then to Projects.

nav - code projects

Then click New take-home project which will open a modal with our growing library of projects. You can select and modify one of our existing projects, or create one from scratch.

project library

After you've created a take-home project, you can begin to modify the settings. You can also rename the project and add it to workspaces.

project settings

You can also navigate to the second tab, Instructions, to update the project prompt for candidates:

project instructions


After a candidate submits their code for a code project, you can view their code by opening the GitHub repo, run the candidate's code in GitPod. Learn more about Scorecards.


Because take-home projects can take candidates substantial time to complete, we've also added the ability to compensate candidates with one-click.