Why you should host your take-home project on Coderbyte

The benefits of having Coderbyte host your projects.

You may already have a take-home project you created for candidates to take as part of your interview process. If you do, the process usually looks like the following:

Typical take-home project setup

Companies will email the candidate a project directory with some instructions, or they'll have the entire project hosted on GitHub. The candidate then downloads the instructions along with any files and assets, and then implements their solution on their own time and in their own editors. Then they finally upload their completed project to a GitHub repo or send it as an email.

The problem with the above approach is that it's quite inefficient to manage all of the candidate submissions and provide feedback.

Take-home projects on Coderbyte

If you already have a project you use as part of your interview process, then it's very easy to link to it on Coderbyte. Once you have your take-home project integrated on Coderbyte, you can easily rate candidate submissions, leave notes, provide feedback, and manage candidates.

Here is a video on setting up a take-home project.