Limits on candidates invited

Understanding limits to ensure server performance

While you are able to invite unlimited candidates on Coderbyte, we do have several limits for server performance reasons. Less than 1% of our customers ever approach any of the limits.

Assessment limits

On the Pro plan (and older Premium plan) you can invite up to 300 candidates per assessment. Once you hit the candidate limit you can easily clone the assessment and invite your next batch of candidates there.

Note: On the older Essentials plan, the limit is 100 candidates per assessment.

Daily limits

We do also impose a daily limit of 300 candidates per day on the Pro plan across all assessments.

Concurrency limits

While you can invite up to 300 candidates per day, you cannot actually invite that many candidates all at once to take an assessment. We impose a concurrency limit which means only 50 candidates at most can be taking an assessment at a given time.

This means you can invite 300 candidates at the same time, but only 50 will be allowed to enter and take an assessment. The rest will be in a virtual waiting room and told to retry entering the assessment in a few minutes.

Once candidates start leaving or completing the assessment, more candidates will be able to click begin to start their assessments.