Report candidate issues and problems with Assessment and code editor

Reasons why one or more candidates are receiving low scores on their Coderbyte Assessments

More than 10,000 candidates take assessments on Coderbyte every month. We are the only platform that focuses on prioritizing the candidate experience. Our challenges have been vetted by experts, our scoring system has been refined over the course of 10 years, and our code editor is widely considered the best in the industry by candidates.

We are very proud of the system we've worked hard to build, especially when you consider how unhappy candidates are with other assessment platforms. Many employers tarnish their brands by using platforms like HackerRank that are confusing, tedious, and insulting to legitimate developers.

If a candidate performs poorly on Coderbyte, it is almost certainly for one of the following reasons:

  • They did not actually take the assessment, perhaps after realizing that they did not know how to complete the coding challenges.
  • Their code was incorrect and so most or all of the test cases failed.
  • They experienced internet connectivity issues or were trying to access the assessment from multiple devices.

    If multiple candidates are receiving low scores, it is likely because:

        • Your job posting or recruiting pipeline may be attracting unqualified candidates.
        • You may have a multiple choice question or custom challenge that is confusing to candidates.
        • Your candidates are in a region with poor internet connectivity and are having difficulty accessing our website.

    If your candidates are complaining and reporting issues with Coderbyte, please follow these steps to troubleshoot:

    1. Make sure they solved all challenges and answered all questions. Go into a candidate's report and see if anything is missing.
    2. If the candidate claims their code is correct, click a specific challenge in their report and run the test cases yourself. See if their output matches the expected output for each test case.
    3. If the candidate claimed they had issues in the editor, watch the video recording to see if they ran into any issues or bugs.

    Of course, our system isn’t perfect and we are more than happy to look into issues. If the above steps did not work, please submit a report below and we will look into it immediately.