Scoring and time period points for code challenges

How automatically graded candidate final scores are determined

Candidates solving challenges on Coderbyte are rated on the following scales:

  • Algorithm challenges: 1-10
  • Front-end challenges (React, Angular, etc.): 1-10
  • Back-end challenges (Node.js, C#, etc.): 1-10
  • SQL, GraphQL, MongoDB challenges: 1-10

All of the challenge types above have test cases that run to make sure the candidates code produces the output it should. Each of those test cases is worth some number of points ranging from 1/2 a point to 1 point each.

Timing points

For input/output algorithm challenges, scores can also factor in completion time. To enable or disable completion time as a scoring factor, toggle the dropdown in the Assessment settings.

The easy/medium algorithm challenges on Coderbyte have a range which they can usually be solved in. For example, let's say a challenge has an expected time of 30 minutes that you see in our challenge library.

  • Candidate solves it in less than 30 minutes: 5 points awarded
  • They solve it between 30 - 34 minutes: 4 points awarded
  • They solved it between 35 - 39 minutes: 3 points awarded
  • They solved it between 40 - 44 minutes: 2 points awarded
  • They solved it between 45 - 49 minutes: 1 point awarded

Note: You cannot modify this setting once any candidates have been invited to the Assessment.