Access a locked account

Understand why your account and dashboard are locked and how to gain access to your account.

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1. Your account has been marked as suspicious

In an effort to gain an unfair advantage, candidates frequently try to access Coderbyte's platform. Our system takes several factors into consideration when a new account is created and if your account is marked as suspicious or spam, it will be automatically locked. Reach out to if you think your account was incorrectly marked as spam.

2. Your organization has been banned from Coderbyte

Coderbyte is not a fit for every company and we rely on both positive and negative feedback to make our platform better. However, some companies cross a line and receive a permanent ban. The following are a list of reasons that your organization may be banned from using Coderbyte:

  • Your organization disputed a payment. Like Netflix and Spotify, Coderbyte is a self-service platform. We do not solicit companies to use Coderbyte or provide payment information. As stated in our terms that must be agreed to upon signing up, you are responsible for managing and canceling your own subscription. If you forgot to do so, that is unfortunate but disputed payments will lead to permanent bans.
  • Your organization purposefully created an abusive candidate experiences. Due to nefarious product management at many other companies in our industry, code interviews and assessments already suffer a poor reputation. We are committed on facilitating accurate, fair, and positive evaluation experiences. If you use our platform to (i) ask inappropriate questions, (ii) collect sensitive health, demographic, or personal information, and/or intimidate candidates, you will be banned.
  • Your organization abuses our support team. Coderbyte is affordable and transparent, and can be trialed for free. In order to keep Coderbyte that way, we cannot repeatedly answer the same questions or provide detailed explanations of every feature. If you are seeking dedicated account management, we recommend our enterprise plan. Otherwise, if your users berate our support team and/or regularly contact support for information that's already been communicated or available in our help center, you will first be warned and, upon repeat misconduct, be banned.