Private databases and write-access

Isolated database access during live interviews

During a live interview, you can provision a new database which will allow you to connect to it in a programming language of your choice and then you have full control to create, read, update, and delete data from it. 

Click on Database in the left navigation panel.

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Then select the corresponding database type to load. 

The languages and databases supported are below:

  • JavaScript: MySQL, MSSQL, MongoDB
  • TypeScript: MySQL, MSSQL, MongoDB
  • Express: MySQL, MongoDB
  • Python3: MySQL, MongoDB
  • Django: MySQL, MongoDB
  • PHP: MySQL, MongoDB
  • C#: MySQL, MSSQL
  • Java: MySQL, MSSQL

SQL write-access

With this same feature, you're able to enable write-access for live SQL interviews. If you toggle to either MySQL or MSSQL, you'll see a toggle for write-access. Turning this on will disable read-only access and it will migrate all your custom SQL tables to this new database. You'll then be able to update and delete data without modifying the original tables you uploaded to your account.

If you enable write-access and notice your SQL tables were not migrated, try deleting and re-uploading your custom tables.