Set up a Workable integration

Coderbyte is an official partner of Workable and offers a native integration with instructions below.

Step 1: First, make sure that you have the API add-on enabled.

Step 2: Follow the instructions detailed in this Workable Help Center article

Step 3: From ATS Integrations page in Coderbyte, click Connect next to Workable. 

Step 4: Input your subdomain and API key.

Step 5: Select a Workable user who will be listed as an author of candidate updates performed by the integration. This means that when the integration adds a comment to a candidate or moves them to another stage, it will appear as if these actions were performed by the selected user.

Once you select a user from the dropdown, click the Update button.

Step 6: You can now create Workflows to automate tasks between Coderbyte and Workable.