Admin guide to creating an Interview

Tutorial for creating an Interview, selecting a template, and running a real-time interview

Note: Interviews are a real-time environment, where candidates collaborate with interviewers in a code editor, spreadsheet, Jupyter Notebook, or whiteboard. For help incorporating interviewing into your recruiting process, read our expert guide.

To begin, navigate to Interviews.


Then click New interview.

A modal will open with two options:

  1. On the left, you'll see an option to immediately invite a candidate to the interview with a template pre-loaded.
  2. On the right, you'll see the option to copy the interview link instead. Use this option if you are planning a future interview and want to include the link in an email, spreadsheet, or calendar invitation. You can also quickly generate another interview link.

The interview will show up as a new row within the Open tab in your interviews table.

If you'd like to preconfigure an interview with multiple questions, create an Interview Template.