Custom interview templates

How to create reusable interview questions and multi-question interview templates

Navigate to Customization > Interviews to create custom questions and templates that can be loaded into a real-time interview.

Creating interview questions

You can create a custom basic interview question, multi-file coding interview question, or select from our massive library of coding and spreadsheet challenges.

Basic interview question

You can include a code block in your desired language along with private notes that only interviewers can see, typically used for interview guides and candidate evaluation criteria. If you use one of our coding challenges, you can run test cases during the interview.

Multi-file interview question

You can launch a simulated editor to create the multi-file interview question environment that you want and then save it as a templated question.

Loading interview questions

Interview questions can be loaded at the start of an interview or at any time during the interview by clicking Load Question at the top of an interview.

Creating custom SQL tables

You can upload SQL tables that can be used during an interview. Learn more about functionality and limitations of custom SQL tables here.

Creating interview templates

You can combine multiple interview questions into a single interview template which can be loaded at the beginning of an interview.

Loading the template will start the interview with a tab already opened for each individual question.