Create custom input/output algorithm challenges

You can add a custom challenge to any assessment or interview. To create a custom challenge on Coderbyte, navigate to your custom challenge library by clicking Customization and then Custom Challenges.

Create Input/output challenges

Under "Input/Output" click Create.

Then add the metadata, description, and test cases for your algorithmic challenge.

Input & Output types

For these custom challenges, you need to provide 10 test cases in order for our system to automatically grade solutions. You only need to provide a challenge title and instructions, along with test cases. Our system will automatically generate the starter code for each language. We accept the following input types:

  • Strings: enter in test cases without surrounding quotes.
  • Numbers: enter in test cases as numbers without quotes.
  • Boolean: enter in true or false.
  • Arrays: we accept arrays of strings or numbers. Enter them in without brackets and comma-delimited, e.g. "hello", "world" or 4, 5, 6. 

If you need to use more complex data structures as inputs or outputs, such as nested objects or JSON strings, we recommend creating a custom unit test challenge.