Invite candidates to a screening assessment

How to invite candidates using a public and private link

There are two ways to invite a candidate to a screening assessment: send private invite links or copy public invite link.

Note: There is a very high daily limit of how many candidates you can invite per assessment and per day to ensure server performance.

invite links

  1. Public link: This is a URL that can be shared with anyone via any communication method.
  2. Private link: This sends a unique, single-use invite link to each candidate. You can enter and send up to 50 email invitations at once. Learn more about customizing welcome emails and welcome screens.

Note: To prevent candidates from signing up under a fake email address to preview the assessment before actually taking it, use private links.

Red warning icon

If you see a red warning sign near a candidates email address, it's because they joined the same assessment multiple times with the public invite link. While this doesn't necessarily mean the candidate cheated, it is something you should be aware of when assessing the candidates results.

To prevent this, we recommend inviting candidates via the private link.

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