Enable video responses to open-ended questions

Get deeper insight into candidates with short video responses

When creating or selecting open-ended questions in an Assessment, you can select whether you'd like candidates to submit text responses, video responses, or give them the option to provide text and/or video responses. Video responses rely on the candidate's webcam for answers of up to 2 minutes in duration.

Note: You can have up to 3 questions that include video responses per Assessment, and collect up to 200 video responses per month. Once you hit the limit, questions that allow video or text responses will only allow text responses. Questions that only allow video responses will be hidden from candidates. If you need more video responses, please inquire about our Enterprise plan.

To allow or require video responses, edit an Assessment, navigate to the Open-Ended tab, add a question, and select Video response only or Text and/or video response.

selecting video responses

Within the assessment, candidates will see the corresponding options.

The video recording will use their computer's camera and give them the opportunity to re-record answers.

video response screenshot 2