Available skills, languages, and technologies in library

Coderbyte has 1,000+ challenges in 30+ languages

You can create custom coding and spreadsheet challenges and custom multiple choice and open-ended question sets. In addition, Coderbyte offers a massive library of challenges and questions that can be used in Assessments and Interviews.

Available skills & technologies

  Assessments Interviews 
C Yes Yes
C++ Yes Yes
C# Yes Yes
Clojure Yes Yes
Dart Yes Yes
Elixir Yes Yes
Go Yes Yes
Java Yes Yes
JavaScript Yes Yes
Kotlin Yes Yes
PHP Yes Yes
Python Yes Yes
Python3 Yes Yes
R Yes Yes
Ruby Yes Yes
Scala Yes Yes
Swift Yes Yes
TypeScript Yes Yes
Excel/Spreadsheets Yes Yes
Selenium Yes Yes
Cypress Yes Yes
iOS Yes Yes
Android Yes Yes
React Native Yes Yes
Dart/Flutter Yes Yes
MongoDB Yes Yes
.NET Yes Yes
GraphQL Yes Yes
MySQL Yes Yes
PostgreSQL Yes Yes
Django Yes Yes
Laravel Yes Yes
Ruby on Rails Yes Yes
WordPress Yes No
TensorFlow Yes Yes
Tableau Yes No
Firebase Yes No
ServiceNow Yes No
Snowflake Yes No
PowerShell No Yes
AWS Yes Yes
Azure Yes Yes
Kafka Yes Yes
Kubernetes No Yes
Terraform Yes Yes
Docker Yes Yes
Ansible Yes Yes
Grafana Yes No
Jupyter Notebooks Yes Yes
Spring/Spring Boot Yes Yes
PyTorch Yes Yes
jQuery Yes Yes
Svelte Yes Yes
Node.js Yes Yes
pandas Yes Yes
NumPy Yes Yes
LLMs/ChatGPT Yes Yes
PySpark Yes Yes
UiPath Yes No
Automation Anywhere Yes No
Blue Prism Yes No
Looker Yes No
Git Yes Yes
Shopify Yes No
HubSpot Yes No
Databricks Yes No
 Power BI Yes No
Unreal Yes No
Unity Yes No
IBM Yes No
Figma Yes No
Jenkins Yes No
Oracle Yes Yes
Next.js Yes Yes
Webpack Yes Yes
Active Directory Yes No
Airtable Yes No
Appium Yes No
Asana Yes No
BigQuery Yes No
Blender Yes No
Cosmos DB Yes No
Cucumber Yes No
Data warehouse Yes No
Exadata Yes No
Gatling Yes No
GCP Yes No
Jira Yes No
JUnit Yes Yes
Linq Yes No
Matplotlib Yes No
Mockito Yes No
MuleSoft Yes No
NestJS Yes No
Web security Yes No
Notion Yes No
No Code Yes No
OpenSpan Yes No
Pentaho Yes No
Postman Yes No
Problem solving Yes Yes
Redis Yes Yes
SAP Yes No
scikit-learn Yes Yes
STL Yes Yes
Trello Yes No
T-SQL Yes No
Unix Yes Yes
Visual Basic Yes No
SAP / ABAP Yes Yes
Salesforce / Apex Yes Yes


Job roles

  • Software engineer
  • Site-reliability engineer
  • Full-stack developer
  • WordPress developer
  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • Data science
  • Machine learning
  • Prompt engineering
  • Data engineer
  • DevOps
  • Mobile development
  • QA/Automation
  • RPA
  • Analyst